Student Wins Golden Heart

Every year, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity selects a female student at its annual philanthropy event to be the fraternity’s Golden Heart; this year’s Golden Heart won over the fraternity with a rather unusual talent.

“Golden Heart is a sort of competition we put on to raise money for our philanthropy, Big Brothers Big Sisters. It helps us support the organization, but also to find a new face to represent our fraternity,” sophomore Jake Walters said.

A Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart is described as a young woman who is the female face of the fraternity and helps with raising money for their organization and being supportive of the activities the fraternity partakes in.

On March 31, 10 women from different corners of the University community came out to try for the spot as the new Golden Heart. Each girl represented her organizations, as well as different cultures and age groups.

“There is an introduction round, a round where we ask questions about our chapter as well as Bowling Green, a talent round and then a round where we have the women tell us why they want to be our Golden Heart. From there, the judging panel selects who they think best fills that position,” Walters said.

While there were many new faces trying for the place, one was particularly familiar.

Rachel Eichenauer, sophomore and intervention specialist major, went through the competition for the second year in a row.

Her first entry into the competition was spur of the moment, as was her talent.

“At the time, my sorority, Chi Omega, was at the union tables trying to get people to sign up for our event, Moonball. Sig Ep said if any of us signed up for their event, they would make a team for ours. I, along with some of my friends, decided to give it a try. I had loads of fun doing it last year and I was asked if I was going to do it this year so I decided to give it another try,” said Eichenauer. “When I did the green bean juice, it was all in the moment. I heard someone in the crowd yell chug so I had to go for it,” she said.

This year, though a variety of talents were performed, Eichenauer’s caused the most uproar. She chugged a bottle of Red Hot hot sauce.

“When it came to the hot sauce, it was due to me trying to find something better than green bean juice. I’ve never tried to chug hot sauce before so I was really nervous about that,” Eichenauer said.

Eichenauer had originally planned to eat 23 bags of donuts. Her purchased donuts were distributed to the crowd.

Eichenauer was crowned this year’s Golden Heart for Sigma Phi Epsilon.

“It’s really all about having fun. A lot of people think we are looking for someone to make us look good in every way but … we want someone who is a passionate person and gets their schooling done while also enjoying themselves,” Walters said.

“I wanted to win because they are great guys. Over the past few months I’ve gotten to know more of them and it’s shown me a great side to fraternal life,” she said.

While the entire fraternity does not vote for the winner, they showed a positive reaction to the crowning of this year’s winner.

“A lot of us know her and so having her win was great. She gets along with all of us and I know she was doing good in that position,” Walters said.

Eichenauer explained that she was most excited to be more involved with the chapter and getting to know all of the members individually.

“Being in a sorority, I have come to find what it’s like to have a group of girls have your back, and doing this I will now be able to experience what it is like to have a group of men have my back,” she said.

The title allows her to wear the Sigma Phi Epsilon letters, participate in their social events, join them for formal events and help them with philanthropy events.

“I can’t wait to see how she prospers as our Golden Heart,” Walters said. “I know she will do all that she can for us and that is always reassuring.”

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